Factory industrial production around the world.


We aim to provide the best service, not only to our customer partners but also to our fellow team members.


We can only achieve our objectives by working closely as a team.


Supporting our customer partners and team members to achieve their goals.


Recognising the needs of our customer partners and team members.


We believe in taking charge of the situation and being responsible for our actions.

who we are

about armour

Armour Corporation has a dedicated team of engineers and metallurgists with long term experience in steelmaking and ironmaking industries working extensively towards eliminating the most severe and critical applications with advanced solutions and modern technologies.

Manufacturer of premium products and services. Providing excellent value and cost-effective wear solutions, whilst ensuring safety in design.

what we do


We offer our customers solutions that increase performance, equipment availability and lower maintenance costs.

Our experienced engineering team is able to design a range of products to support the diversity and challenges of the global mining environment. 

Off-site Repairs

  • Detailed Strip & Assess
  • Scope of Works
  • Transport Frames
  • Scan Data, Wear Reports
  • NDT, Blast & Paint
  • Chute Assembly, Improvements
  • Short Head Tram, Liner Install


  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Customized Grades and Thicknesses
  • Focuses on continuous improvement of their products and processes to improve the overall product quality.


  • TLOs
  • Impact Plates
  • Hoppers
  • Disposable Chutes


  • Design and Drafting
  • Materials and Handling
  • Project Management
  • DEM
  • 3D Scan

Expect quality. Expect experience.

We provide the high-quality Metal fabrication services to build machines and structures from steel metal materials for various industries.

Our comprehensive service portfolio is supported by deep technical knowledge, experienced people, and specialized tools to maximize your profitability.